Captain Marvel Trailer!

It had been rumoured, and the info eventually leaked, but today we finally got our first proper look at Captain Marvel. Watch it below!

After last week’s release of Captain Marvel images, which were widely well received, we got to see the new heroine of the MCU in action, and it did not disappoint.

Here at CFMD towers, we absolutely lovely the look of Captain Marvel and thought it looked straight out of the comic, and the trailer justifies that point even more. We get a glimpse of Carol Danvers in the original costume right at the end and it looks liek she is summoning all of the power in the universe. It looks very Thor-like and that’s a good thing.

We get a glimpse of a young Coulson, and a lot of two eyed Nick Fury, which is really seamless and cool to see. Personally I’ve wanted a lot of both for a long time and killing Coulson in Avengers 1 was a travesty. So to have him back now is a really smart move. It seems like Captain Marvel crash lands in Earth and becomes best buds with Nick Fury. There is definitely an invasion from Skrulls, as we see Danvers punch a little old lady, which unless she’s really mean, I’m going to assume the old lady is a shape shifting skrull. It might not be thee invasion but it definitely could be setting things up for a huge change in the MCU.

The trailer really shows us very little but it shows enough to get us interested and once again, Marvel seem to ave found a really unique view and style for a brand new character. This could be the best debut film since Guardians but we will have to wait and see. Thanos is probably shitting his pants watching the sun set very quickly.

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