Spider-Man PS4

I remember back in the good old days, my beautiful PS2 purring, my square TV and me having the time of my life swinging round New York defeating Doc Ock one last time. Spider-Man 2 was one of the best games you could get and we have waited a very long time for something at the very least similar. In Soider-Man PS4, we have something better.

I havnt completed this game, so there won’t be any spoilers and I’m going to hold off on giving my diagnosis until I have. But it’s pretty clear to me already this game is a must play. The entire scope of this game is huge. To begin with, I had played over 6 hours of the game and hadn’t even started the story mode. There are collectibles, side missions, side quests, photographs among other things to keep you occupied and it is a whole lot of fun. Games have a tendency these days to be overwhelming with so much to do on such a huge and confusing map (I’m talking about you Assassins Creed). With Spider-Man, everything is laid out clearly and nothing is too far or too big or all over the place.

The mechanics of swinging is superbly crafted and it really feels like you have full control. Whether it’s swining, web zipping, barrel rolling or squeezing through a fire escape, everything is perfectly weighted and really feels like your swinging. The feeling of plummeting 50 stories about to hit the concrete pavement, before swinging at the last second to make a last ditch getaway will never get old. The fighting mechanics definitely took a note from the Batman Arkham series, and this is a good thing. With gadgets, counters, combos and throwing, every fight is a master encounter with you trying to take down the bad guys while planning your next 3 moves. It took a little bit for me to get the timing correct but now I feel like a proper ninja, web slinging my way down, firing a web bomb, countering and taking down everyone within 30 seconds.

Having decided that I should crack on with the story and stop getting distracted with everything, I may have jumped off Avengers Tour a couple of dozen times, I would say I’m now around a third of the way through. There has been a lot of missions as well and the variety in missions is great. The character animation in cut scenes and the feeling you’re living Peter Parker’s life as well really makes the story engaging and never boring. There are definitely times where the adrenaline flows and some truly devastating things happen and like I said, I don’t even think I’m half way through.

I was hoping to complete Spider-Man in a week to avoid the spoilers that will no doubt surface, but I can’t see that happening. I’m having too much fun doing other things and it does seem I have a lot left to do. With story missions and a whole heap of side missions still to do, I’m glad to say I’ll be playing this for a very long time, and I can’t wait!

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