The Meg

If there’s one thing you need to know before going in to see The Meg, at that you can’t take it too seriously. It’s a huge gigantic shark for goodness sake, embrace it and you will have a hell of a good time!


We get a good introduction to Jason Statham’s character, Jonas Taylor, a deep sea rescue diver who rescues people when they’ve been idiots and crashed in the deep blue sea. Something big hits the submarine that Jonas is rescuing people from and they get the hell out of there. Jones knew what it could have been but no one believes him until 5 years later, The Meg has been found! The movie actually does a really good job in building your anticipation for the big reveal of The Meg. For about the first 45 minutes, we don’t get to see it, we get the explanation of its home and how the bottom of the seas might not actually be the sea.

Unlike the last giant animal movie we got to see, Rampage, the science behind this actually sounds plausible. For a second, I was wondering if there was actually a layer of gas at the bottom of the ocean, sealing in all these crazy big monsters. Speaking of being underwater, the shots themselves were good. It wasn’t the best underwater even to be on the big screen but it was good enough. There was never a moment where I was taken out of the story or the movie by realising this clearly wasn’t underwater.

Along with cool underwater parts, the camera work and the use of sound, or sometimes no sound, made for really intense edge of your seat stuff. In one bit, the camera goes to first person and you are just listening to the breathing of the character looking frantically around the water for The Meg. It definitely creates the tension needed for those parts and I can’t imagine many people going straight to the beach for a swim after this movie.

Through out the movie there is a whole lot of comedy, some intentionally and some not so much. The dialogue for parts, is truly horrendous and laugh out loud, especially from Dr. Minway Zhang, sorry bro, you deserved to die for that one line, you’ll know it when you hear it. Even though the dialogue was questionable, I can’t deny it worked for this movie. Once again, Jason Statham is an absolute bad ass who is the hero of the day on a few occasions. You can tell he’s having fun and knows exactly the type of movie this is and that makes his performance even better. I’d watch him any day grabbing an oxygen canister and diving off the boat to save the day against a big giant ass shark! Hell yes!


This may be a little flattering for The Meg but you go to the cinema for a fun story and good time, with this you get both. This isn’t a masterpiece or a movie that will leave you stunned, you get Jason Statham doing crazy shit to fight this huge shark! With some intense moments to go along with it, I was watching this movie through out with a smile on my face. However I’m so disappointed Statham didn’t punch it in the nose, didn’t he watch any Discovery Channel when he was younger!!

The Meg is out Today! 10th August!

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