The Darkest Minds



I’m usually someone who knows a lot about movies and current releases, which is handy when doing this sort of thing. But when I found out about the screening of The Darkest Minds, I found myself wondering what is The Darkest Minds. It was a movie I hadn’t heard about before and had not even seen the trailer, and I love trailers! Before going to The Darkest Minds screening, I wanted to find out more. After watching the trailer, there was nothing amazing about it but it was intriguing. Even more intriguing was the fact it was based on a book, which is part of a main trilogy.

I still had no real expectations of what this movie was going to be like but I was pleasantly surprised. The Darkest Minds has a really interesting story and an interesting world created. A ‘virus’ has been contracted only be children, and they either die or get powers which are tiered into 5 levels. Green for safe who are smart, blue for tele-kinetics, gold for kids who can manipulate electricity, orange who are deemed dangerous and have mind control abilities and the even more dangerous, red. Orange is what our main character, Ruby is. The movie does a really good job in throwing you in this world, introducing our main character and setting up the story nicely, all within 10 minutes.

We jump 6 years and Ruby escapes from her camp very quickly and that’s really the main issue I have with this movie. Everything happens very quickly. You can tell that there must be a lot that we are missing which is in the book. The book must stretch everything out and really go in deep to certain areas and people. I completely understand why the movie doesn’t do this and it moves at a good pace, but you sometimes feel like your just starting to learn about an area or a character and then all of a sudden we are moving on to the next part of the story.

Again this is kind of a false negative because there was no other way for the movie to do it and we still get enough to be able to understand the characters and the story. It does come with a few plot holes and a few obvious twists and turns but I can let them slide. The characters and the VFX really compliment the type of movie this is and work within this world created. I really enjoyed each kid’s eyes turning to their specific colour depending on the power they have.

The Darkest Minds’ kids are it’s strength and the group Ruby finds herself in is a likeable group to follow. It’s here though that it falls in to, and will probably get lost in, the YA movie adaptions. Young Adult movies were a massive trend with Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent just to name a few, and The Darkest Minds definitely belongs with this group. There was a lot in this movie that felt very similar to the rest and it didn’t really bring anything new to the YA table.


Having never heard of this movie or the book series, I really enjoyed The Darkest Minds. The world created is an interesting one and visually it was something I enjoyed. It wasn’t beautifully cinematic or massive set pieces but it didn’t need to be, it was fitting for the story it was telling. With a massive set up for the book series to continue, I’m not sure it’s going to do the numbers it needs to to warrant a sequel. I hope it does though as I’m curious where the story goes and it drew in enough. So much so, I might read the books! Major plus for seeing that old bastard Brad Bellick from Prison Break being himself, a real bastard prison guard.

The Darkest Minds is out this Friday, 10th August!

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