Ubisoft at E3

On to Day 3 of E3 and this was the big day, Ubisoft and Sony its over to you guys!

Before this Conference came on I was chatting to a buddy of mine saying I bet Ubisoft bring a massive ridiculous number for Just Dance this year. His response “Do you think so”. Naturally as soon as we both seen a giant panda starting off the conference dancing, straight away we knew, yup another just Dance (Shocker)


Yea so like I said, a big dancing panda, a drum line and a marching band. Little Cheesy but was a great opener to get the crowd a little hyped up.



This trailer didn’t give much more of a sense of how the game will play, but it did end with a reveal that BG&E star Jade will indeed be making an appearance, as this is a Prequel, will she be a Villain? This wasn’t overly clear, though they did say she’ll play a major role in the game.

After that they showed some Pre-Alpha Footage on stage which looked pretty neat, though hard to say really at this point. They also said you can play alone or “with your friends in Co-op”.



These games are often very frustrating, yet so rewarding once you master the mechanics. I can see why people love it so much as it can be fun and often hilarious too. This new game looks like it will have the usual collection of obstacle courses and Wipeouts.



Set 7 months after the initial viral outbreak that kicked off in the Division, America has degenerated into civil war. The Creative Director told us that it will get up to eight player raids so you can team up with 7 buddies to go dispense some Justice. Also after release it is to receive 3 free episodic DLC packs which are free for everyone.



This started with a cinematic trailer featuring some remarkably attractive pirates, considering the scurvy and poor hygiene that was associated back then, anyway minor details that! We then are shown a gameplay demo that looked pretty cool, describing the game as a shared world online where players are able to team up or take each other out.



We had Elijah Wood come out to talk up his narrative-focused VR Project, which his production company is working on with Ubisoft Montreal. While designed for VR you can actually play it on screen aswell.




Yet another Ubisoft/Nintendo crossover, we seen famed pilot Fox McCloud turn up in Ubisoft’s toy powered space fighter game called Starlink. Not much else was shown about this other than Ubisoft CEO handing Legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miyamoto a miniature ship from the game.



For Honor is getting a new mode called Breach which see’s teams of 4 against one another. The Expansion , Marching Fire will introduce a new faction along with 4 new fighters and some single player content which still remains a mystery.



Onto the last game of the show which of course we knew, as it had been leaked early, is another installment in the never ending franchise of Assassins Creed. This time the game takes place hundreds of years before Origins, and while it shares a lot of similarities at first glance, they have made some pretty cool changes to the game. Now you get to choose to play as either Alexious or Kassandra. With this you must navigate branching conversations with dialogue options which change the story based on your decisions.


Another Conference down and I am yet to feel that Wow factor. I was hoping that Ubisoft might have been able to pull something out that we havn’t seen yet, but again that was not to be. This was more of a you knew this stuff was coming out so here it is. Although this was a lot better than Square Enix’s attempt as a presser. Never the less, a decent conference from Ubisoft







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