Square Enix at E3

Expectations were so high for the first E3 presser from Square Enix in 3 years. This publisher has so many exciting titles in the works that we have heard very little about such as Final Fantasy VII remake, The Avengers Project and Guardians of the Galaxy. So of course naturally Square Enix showed….absolutely none of them.

There was a resounding reaction which felt like “Oh That’s it!?” after a highly anticipated 30-minute presentation that I think left us with more questions than answers. They had hyped fans up so much with the teaser slogan promising that Square “Next Chapter” was about to begin. Laughable!!

Square Enix showed off a total of 2 yes 2 new games Babylon’s Fall and The Quiet Man revealing both with teaser trailers yet no gameplay footage, no information and no genre?? I mean what are we meant to be..Mind readers? Here are the trailers for both these games.

Excited?? Nah didn’t think so. Anyway moving on.

If it wasn’t for the addititions of Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4 and Dragon Quest IX, which is already out in Japan, this Presser was a Dud. E3 is about Hype and Expectations and they most certainly did not do that. More to the point, you really wonder why they even bothered to put it together in the first place.

Literally have nothing more to add to this other than this is 30 minutes of my life I’m not getting back sadly. I said at the start that they have so many great titles in the works and this had the potential to steal E3 for me, but here we are wondering what the hell they gave us and why!





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