Bethesda at E3


Day 2 of E3 was left to Bethesda to round up in style. This was definitely one conference I was looking forward to as all their games provide steller single player experiences from the realms of Skyrim to the space stations in Prey! They have a game for everyone. So let’s delve into what they brought to the table.

Ok so the show gets off to a jittery slow start but picked up steam as it went along, now what I will say before going into much detail this time round, there was an unexpected focus on multiplayer which is strange considering the publishers “Save Player One” marketing campaign last year. But anyway who am I to judge, lets get into it.


First off we are treated to an awkward stage performance from Andrew W.K. who rocked out to the theme for Rage 2, which felt like it fell flat with the audience. But moving on, we are then treated to a whole bunch of Rage 2. You play as a guy called Walker who definitely sounds pissed off as he is the “Last Ranger” fighting against the enemy known as “The Authority”. From the trailer I got the vibe of Borderlands meets Bulletstorm which I am OK with. See what you guys make of it from the trailer!



This is one game I was so hyped and ready for yet I didn’t think they would show this at all, but behold DOOM ETERNAL. This time looking like it is set on a “Hell on Earth” if you will. They didn’t have much to say about this just that we will see more at QuakeCon in August.



As of writing this, some of the DLC is available now and some of it is free. So Arkane announced that some new game modes coming for Prey tonight! The Free stuff includes a New Game+ mode and a Survival mode, also out tonight is some paid DLC called Mooncrash which they say is “Infinitely replayable”. I am looking forward to this as I thought Prey was a really great game and worth checking out if you missed it! Finally they announced an upcoming competitive mode called “Typhon Hunter” in which your character takes on a group of 5 players controlling shape shifting mimics which sounds so cool!



Another Wolfenstein title is coming our way, at first I thought this was DLC but no, turns out this is another game in the franchise which is set in the 80’s where you play B.J. & Anya’s Twin daughters, the whole game can either be played in Solo or Co-op.



Bethesda’s Todd Howard came out to finally properly unveil Fallout 76 after it being teased at the Microsoft conference earlier in the day. This time it is set in West Virginia, it’s really big and the 1 thing I was hoping wasn’t true unfortunately was and that is that the game is Online, even though it was stressed that it can be played solo.



This was an extremely short teaser for the widely rumoured game Starfield. It seems safe to say it will be a Sci-fi game of sorts, which Todd Howard went on to describe it as”next-gen” which points to that its being developed for PS5 and Xbox 2, sorry just guessing the name of next Xbox.



This was basically just the Elder Scrolls theme and some title text, but it was more than enough to have the whole audience completely freak out and lose their shit. I mean come on, of course they were making this game but I guess it is nice to see it confirmed so far in advance, as who knows when it will land and whether it will be on this current hardware!


This was a lot stronger than what Microsoft had attempted earlier in the day. Bethesda brought out the big guns in the shape of Doom, Rage 2, Starfield, Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls 6. There were a lot of positives in this conference! 





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