Mission Impossible Fallout trailer

Mission Impossible Fallout

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There’s a lot in this trailer to digest, and it’ll probably take a couple of watches, but from first reaction, this looks like it’s going to be a great entry into the Mission Impossible franchise.

There’s a time limit to this franchise though. There’s only a few times left that Tom Cruise will be able to jump off a building or hang off a plane, so where do they go after that. They have Simon Pegg, but I mean, it’s Simon Pegg. I love him as an actor but to replace Ethan Hunt isn’t what he’s made for. Therefore we have Rebecca Hall, who looks like she will feature more in this movie. She’d be a great replacement but it means removing Ethan Hunt. The reason I’m bringing all this up is because a couple of times, it looks like Ethan Hunt is going to die. There’s shots with him falling off a cliff, a shot of him in a helicopter and even a shot where it looks like he sees a nuclear explosion. I do feel though, nuclear explosion might be a bit much but it’s possible. I’m calling it, it’s a dream sequence.

The reason it could be a dream sequence is that in the this trailer we get a lot more story. It’s all about the world becoming peaceful but before peace, there must be suffering. It’s a premise we have seen many times but MI always seems to make it feel fresh and intense. Talking of intense, every action set piece looks like it’s going to have us sitting on the edge of our seats. Can’t wait for that silly bastard to do his running sequence then fling himself out of a building.

One final thought I took away from this trailer as that Henry Cavill and his moustache look awesome. We see more of his fighting sequence in what looks like a bathroom, and you feel and hear every punch. It’s a role we nearly seen him in in UNCLE, but the movie didn’t really lift itself to his heights. Mission Impossible Fallout might just do that. It could really spawn a spin off as well with him in it as an assassin, and that would be a movie I’d definitely go watch.

Mission Impossible seems to be uping the ante every movie, but not in a Fast and Furious way of let’s go drive on ice and destroy a submarine, but in a great and grounded way. I’m ready to see this movie now and can’t wait to see the action. If you want even more, I highly recommend you watch the helicopter feature. Yes that helicopter sequence is actually Tom Cruise flying an actual helicopter, like I said before, silly bastard.


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