Predator Trailer


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The brand new trailer for the latest incarnation of Predator is here, check it out!

My knowledge of Predator is quite limited, for a number of reasons. I’m a young human and Predator was slightly before my time. My last memory of a Predator is Alien vs Predator. The less said about that shit house, the better. Another reason is that I didn’t really have any interest in the movies. So for me, this is quite good as I’m coming into this trailer fresh faced and taking it as a new franchise, I’m sure Fox would be delighted with that.

The good thing about this trailer is that it gives you the beginning of the story, teases you with how it’s going to pan out, and leaves it open. The Predator, (Predators?), have been signaled to Earth by a kid playing with some toys. This kid is bound to have some connection to a previous film as why would there be a random box of Predator armour. It would probably help to confirm this if I had seen the other movies but let’s assume it is. It ties in nicely with the rest of the series while moving it along.

We then get a series of shots about how the Predator, (Predati (plural?)), is going to attempt ‘hybridisation’ which I can only assume means that they are going to take over human bodies or take over Earth. It kind of seems like the guy being interviewed could potentially be a Predator but that’s speculation of the highest degree. The good thing about this, and what is needed, is that it’s going to be 18 rated and that’s pretty clear in the trailer. Blood everywhere and cool shots of the weapons Predator uses.

This movie looks interesting, and I’m intrigued to see more. The mix of horror and action seems to be something we don’t get a lot of these days so it could work really well. I’ll wait for the next trailer but this could be a really good movie. Maybe next time we will get a Predator expert in here to talk about it? A Predator Master? A Predatoriser? I’ll see myself out.


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